Thank you for checking out MusicVideoPlaylists.TV (MVP), a project owned by CipherGrind, LLC. 

We want MVP to be the go to spot for music video playlists on the web. Of course YouTube and Vevo have music videos to watch, but they aren't well organized, easy to find, or always have too many ads / commericials in them. 

At MVP, we hand pick the music videos and content directly from YouTube. We do not own any of the YouTube channels we use in our playlists. These are public videos directly from the official YouTube platform. We are simply aggregating and sharing the videos on our website in an organized playlist type format. This is a great platform to support artists from around the world. 

We do not make any money off of the videos we put in our playlists. We do however, sell our own website advertising space as it is considered our own online realestate. We also accept Crypto donations. We do not support fiat money as we want to assist with supporting the crypto blockchain revolution.